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Welcome to the Genealogy Pages!
I've had a continuing interest in history for many years.   This eventually turned into an interest in our family history. When I finished university, I moved away from home in search of employment.  I've often wondered where our ancestors are from, and why they left one place and took up residence in another.  Was it for the same reason I left home?  Where they driven out for religious reasons?  Or were they simply looking for adventure?

I hope to add more names to the database as my research continues.  As I have time, I will also be adding census information, genealogy articles, how-to information and of course, links to sites that I've found particularly useful.

In my search for my ancestors, I've used the internet frequently to network with others who are also searching their family roots.  Many personal home pages became treasure troves of information.  Mailing lists generated contacts who were researching the same surname, or even the same individual!   After experiencing the helpfulness of the genealogy community, I decided that I would like to give back in some way.  


This site is my way of saying thank you to the many kind people who were willing to share their research with me. Please take the time to view those who have contributed on our Contributors page.  Special thanks to Tammy who recently added her branch of the CONNELL line.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the genealogy pages, please contact me.

Christena Sheppard


I support my living 

relatives' right to privacy!

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